Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bargain Polishes

So, you may have seen on other blogs that there's this great site called Fragrance Direct which seems to sell off old season polishes, and quite a few are from big brands, I checked it out and was very impressed with the prices, so decided to put in an order. 
These are the polishes I decided to order. See names and a bit about my dilemma after the break.. 

I was very impressed with how quickly my order came, they're a UK based company and as i'm in the UK it really didn't take very long to arrive, I ordered it on a Tuesday night, I received an email to say it had been dispatched on a Thursday, and it dropped through my door on the Saturday, and I only paid for standard delivery. 

However, there was a slight problem with my order, this I realised when I opened the package, instantly I was met with an extremely strong polish smell, I didn't have to look much further into the package before finding that unfortunately one of the polishes had smashed - I was safe to say gutted. 
As you can see, it went EVERYWHERE, I had to clean up the bottles of several of the other polishes and ended up extremely sticky. However, I contacted the company and they replied quickly to say that unfortunately they had sold out of that polish so they couldn't send me another, but they refunded me for that product straightaway. 

However, I still ordered quite a few polishes as they were so cheap, so here they are:
Admittedly I ordered mostly Sally Hansen polishes due to them having the most colours I wanted, and also i've never seen them in stores before, when they arrived I was really surprised though - they're massive, almost 15ml!
From left to right -
• Sally Hansen Maximum Growth 2 in 1 Base Topcoat 
• Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish - Ion
• Manhattan Rock Topia Nail Polish - 4
• Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish - Gray by Gray
• Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish - Fairy Teal
• Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish - Gilded Lily

Amazingly, the Sally Hansen polishes were only £1.49 each, and the Manhattan polish was only £0.49! I had originally ordered the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - Lights-Camera as well, but this was the one that smashed, it seems that the brush actually came away with some of the glass from the bottle, I don't know if that was due to a bottle weakness or whatever, but as the rest came perfectly alright I assume it wasn't the companies' fault, its just a shame because it seemed to be a pretty glitter colour. All together including delivery all of these came to a grand total of £10.42 - a real bargain, and after getting my refund I paid only £9.43!

I can't wait to try out the rest of the polishes though - I really need to find some way to wear glitter to school.. hmm!

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