Friday, 3 May 2013

Flowers, Stripes and Glitter

Finally got on to doing some proper nail art this week!

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So, my first bit of Nail Art in a while, and sadly, it didn't quite go to plan... Its based on an amazing one by The Nailasaurus 
Here you can see my base nails, sorry this was a little while after I did it, due to exams this was actually done over a number of days which is why its started to chip here.
On my thumb and second finger I have just Barry M - 304 Mint Green.
On my first and little finger I have Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish - Ion
On my ring finger is Ion covered with one layer of Barry M - 304 Mint Green.

 Here you can see my left hand and right hand, I show you both because I did the stripes differently on each and I couldn't decide which way I preferred. Its also because all the nails have broken on my left hand and are now rather short and horrid. Sorry that they're in slightly different lights, I didn't have my usual camera.
On my left hand I cut up pieces of sellotape into tiny strips, stuck them on my nail, painted over and peeled them off quickly. This was fiddly, especially cutting them to the same thickness.
On my right hand I pained the stripes with a thin paintbrush, considering this was done with my less dominant hand, and it was rather late at night, it actually turned out alright.
My final step was to cover the nails with a matte polish, I even covered the glitter nails, strangely I actually liked the effect the matte caused the glitter to go like, however it looked better when there was less glitter on the nail, unlike usual where I actually prefer to have more glitter on the nail. Unfortunately I couldn't get a very good picture of this. So decided not to include a separate one.

So, i'm sorry this was quite bad, but as the title suggests i'm a newbie to Nail Art, so please don't expect a lot - I hope you like it anyway, and please check out The Nailasaurus' original post as its a lot better than mine!


  1. beautiful! how do i follow your blog?

    1. Um.. well i'm only new so i'm not sure if there's an exact way of following, how I follow others is by adding them to my 'reading list' on the Blogger homepage, all you need to do is copy the link then!

    2. I've just added a bloglovin' follow button :)