Friday, 24 January 2014

Busy Girls Nails Challenge: Week 2 White

Hey Guys,

I may not have stuck to the complete theme here but I really wanted to do something Sherlock related and in my defense it does include quite a lot of white, just a few other colours as well!
I used a number of inspiration photos for this, the smiley face nail I cannot sadly give an inspiration image for as it has simply been done so many times, some I also cannot find the original link for however I will give you the link of where I found them; sherlock face and building jump, stag night, and footprints

 Sherlock Nails

Sorry for them not being completely cleaned up in this photo, I managed to catch the 'Stag Night' nail later that night so that it then read 'stag nigh' so I decided not to take anymore.
Due to my trouble locating original sherlock nail designs I decided to make sure my images were clearly labelled with my blog name!

So, do you think these fit the theme enough? Seriously though, if you haven't seen Sherlock you should really start watching it - its an amazing show.

Sherlock Nails

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Busy Girls Nails Challenge: Week 1 Teal

Hey guys,

So, my first post of my first ever challenge! This weeks theme was 'Teal', so I painted my nails with the only teal polish I own - Sally Hansen Fairy Teal - but then could not decide what to paint on them.
Finally I decided on something I liked, a cute little blossom tree, yes I know its still technically winter but I thought they looked really nice against the teal.

Blossom Tree Nails
So what do you think? I can't wait to show you next week, with the 'white' theme, I have something planned already, I just hope it goes well as the current ideas are rather complicated.
Blossom Tree Nails
Wish me luck and let me know if you think my nails fit the theme!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Christmas Nail Related Gifts

Hey guys,

I have been far too good lately, I didn't buy myself any new nail related things for Christmas. I really don't know how.. well, other than I banned myself from going into Boots/Superdrug when going shopping...

But, thankfully my friends and family bought me a few things to make it up to me!

The first item I am going into just made me laugh so much when I got it. Incase you can't tell, its a nail dryer - it blows out air from between its hands when you press down the button with your wet nail.
We had a few troubles getting it to work, but realised that all it needed was a bit of tin foil next to the battery and hey presto the fan worked again! I haven't actually used it to dry my nails yet though, but its cute if nothing else.

From the same person I got a couple of polish sets, which I believe are both from primark, this one here and another which I will show you later.

This set contains one gold polish and a little bottle of gold glitter. Incase you cannot read what the back of the box says, it seems the general idea is to paint your nail with the gold polish, and then tip the glitter into the 'dish' - basically a dip in the plastic packaging that the two bottles are held in in the bottle - and then dip your nail into the glitter where it will stick and coat the nail.
Its a cool idea I guess, I will have to see if it actually works out, and if I manage to do it without getting the glitter everywhere, which is the reason I have always avoided actual loose glitter before on my nails.

Primark Nail Varnish
The other set from the same friend I received was an 'Ombre' set, inside the box was also 2 make-up sponges cut into triangles and a couple of wooden sticks. If you look at the polishes inside the box, I thought they were in the wrong order as I pulled them out so for the next photo I put them in the order I thought they should go in. As I was editing the photos I realised that the illustration on the box actually shows them in this order too, so it appears I was right. No idea why they were in the wrong order in the box though, I hope no-one has opened them before or something. 
Primark Nail Varnish
I don't think i've ever tried an Ombre manicure before either so I am really excited to try this out. The purple on the end is also really really pretty, it has little bits of glitter inside and looks a really nice colour. Shame its in such a small bottle so will probably have a not very good or easy to use brush with it.

Primark Nail Varnish

Next I have a nail related item that I will call 'Designer' as it is by Ted Baker. When I unwrapped this present to reveal this metal tin I had no idea what could be inside. The present gifter said afterwards that there had been a piece of cardboard round the tin saying what was inside, but she took it off so that it would be a surprise.
Ted Baker Paint The Town Pretty
And a surprise it was when I took off the lid to reveal these cute polishes. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but the glitter ones look very cute, and a black is always useful. 

I love the tin though, its so cute and I'm sure i'll find a use for it elsewhere to put something in. I really hope the polishes are a good quality too and don't chip really easily. 

So that's it, I said there wasn't very much. Sorry for no Nail Art this week but there will definitely be some next week due to starting the Nail Art Challenge! I have no ideas for the first week 'Teal' yet, but i'm sure i'll have something by tommorrow! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Nails and Busy Girl Nails Challenge!

Hey guys,

So I have two things to mention today. The first is to obviously show you the nails I had on for New Year.

Here they are! Very sorry for the absolutely hideous phone photo, but you may notice that they are on top of lined paper.. this is because I have mock exams starting tomorrow. Sadly this means i've been revising hard so didn't have time to take a proper photo before I took these off. Sorrry!
You can't really see it very well, but I was going for a glitter gradient against the gold on 4 nails with the accent a black polish with red hexagonal glitter placed over. I haven't tried doing an accent glitter nail with these large glitters before so thought I would give it a go. Sadly the only colour we had in the house was red and i'm not sure it goes particularly well with the rest, but I thought it was a cool effect.

So, now on to more exciting news. I follow A LOT of blogs, and when I get round to sorting through the posts I haven't read I often find some interesting nails that I might like to attempt, or other interesting pieces. Well today when I was sorting through I came across a post here containing a challenge that seems perfect for me the 'Busy Girls Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge' - long title eh!
Showing you the challenge photo may make more sense so here it is:
New Year Nails
It is starting on the 13th January and I can't wait to get started! This is the first challenge i've done and so it poses two problems; actually remembering that I am doing a challenge and don't just post something else unrelated, and two actually getting Instagram to work and remembering your password.. doh. 

I'm hoping you will see some pretty nails and hopefully some Nail Art too, wish me good luck!