Friday, 24 January 2014

Busy Girls Nails Challenge: Week 2 White

Hey Guys,

I may not have stuck to the complete theme here but I really wanted to do something Sherlock related and in my defense it does include quite a lot of white, just a few other colours as well!
I used a number of inspiration photos for this, the smiley face nail I cannot sadly give an inspiration image for as it has simply been done so many times, some I also cannot find the original link for however I will give you the link of where I found them; sherlock face and building jump, stag night, and footprints

 Sherlock Nails

Sorry for them not being completely cleaned up in this photo, I managed to catch the 'Stag Night' nail later that night so that it then read 'stag nigh' so I decided not to take anymore.
Due to my trouble locating original sherlock nail designs I decided to make sure my images were clearly labelled with my blog name!

So, do you think these fit the theme enough? Seriously though, if you haven't seen Sherlock you should really start watching it - its an amazing show.

Sherlock Nails


  1. I love the Sherlock series, I miss being able to watch on the Iplayer now I am in Holland! I think you did a really great job here, well done for creating something that you hadn't seen done before < That's always a great feeling! Your nail art looks really good! xx

  2. I dont really watch sherlock, but from what i have heard, it must be good! i love the creativity of your nail art :D