Friday, 28 March 2014

Barry M Passion Fruit Swatch

Hey guys,

Just a swatch post this week of the other polish I bought recently. I have very important exams coming up soon and so I may be posting less and less in the near future (sorry!). After they are all over, I will be back with hopefully more than 1 post a week though!

I took a photo in direct sunlight as well as in the shade to show the difference, this is because I thought it looked like a pink in the bottle however unless in bright sunlight the colour looks red on the actual nail.

It also stained horribly despite putting a base coat on - such a shame! I now remember why I don't wear reds that much though.

See you next week!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Space Nails

Hey guys,

So this week to celebrate the end of Winter - then again I don't know about you, but we didn't have much of a Winter here, we didn't have a single drop of snow! For inspiration I used these two: Constellation Nails and Shooting Stars Nails

Here's all 5 nails, the thumb is constellation, the first a galaxy nail, lighting design, shooting star and finally a random star like nail.
Another photo, I forgot how much I love galaxy nails - it always looks so cool! As you can see, I finally used one of the Ted Baker polishes that I got in my set for Christmas. Other than the awkward top to hold, I was pretty impressed actually. The glitter is packed really dense into the polish and its so pretty and shines different colours.

See you next week!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I've hit 1,000 views / Crazy Chemistry Colours

Hey guys,

I know I only posted yesterday, but I was just checking the comments on my blog when I realised.. my view counter has finally hit 1,000 views!!
I know this isn't loads, but this is a big deal to me as its a big milestone in numbers, and I didn't start this straightaway when I created my blog so I have likely had more than this anyway.
Then again, the actual blogger view count says that I have had 2,204 pageviews, but according to others this isn't particularly accurate..

I also reached 20 followers on Bloglovin on March 11th which is quite exciting! I hadn't had a chance to share this yet but this post seems like the perfect time!

Anyway, to celebrate I thought I would share some photos I took in class the other day, they're not nail related at all, but I loved the pretty colours we made. Incase you don't know, i'm currently studying A2 chemistry as one of my options and although these were pretty all of them had toxic symbols on at the very least. Nasty.

All of the different ones we made in the actual experiment.

A close up of one of the Test tube racks - look at all the amazing layers! If you're wondering why some have bungs in the top and the others don't - the ones with bungs had an ammonia compound in - this stuff absolutely stinks and makes you cough like mad. I can't really describe it if you haven't encountered it before other than to say it feels like you have something blocking your nose when you breathe it in, its horrid!

 This one was most definitely my favourite though, I mixed number 6 and 10 in the photo above to make this.

If you're interested in knowing what the actual compounds were that I used to make these, simply just send a comment saying which ones and i'll find my chemistry notes and let you know! Sorry this is so random but I wanted something different to celebrate the milestone and I thought this was definitely something different - but then again who couldn't love all those crazy colours!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Northern Lights Nails

Hey guys,

Pretty nails this week, a gradient but a different way to normal and with a different colours, I based it on this tutorial.
I had a bit of trouble with my make-up sponge I used to put on the gradient, it broke apart onto my nail and when trying to pull it off I smudged them a bit as you can see. The blue also chipped quite badly compared to usual, i'm guessing its just a certain type. It also stunk extremely badly so i'm guessing it might have had some nasty chemicals in, I just found it in my mums collection.


I used 3 different polishes for this with a blue sparkly base which you can't really make out in the photos. The photos aren't anywhere near as good this week, I couldn't get the light right. 

I hope you like them, I definitely do!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Haul Post / Barry M Pearl Lady

Hey guys,

So today I have a minature Haul post for you along with some swatches of one of the polishes I picked up. I did this a couple weeks ago but haven't had time to post it until now sorry.

First of all though, when I went up to the Barry M stand in my boots I was met with a crazy sight. Swatch sticks of every colour but their new Silk paints - they were only officially released the day after I went (yeah.. I did go a long while ago now!)
However, this is such a genius idea, why can't all brands do this? They were all labelled with a handwritten piece of paper stuck on with tape so it seemed to be handmade rather than something Barry M had brought out themselves. Does anyone else have this or was this just a random thing my Boots store seems to have?

When I went in Boots had a 3 for 2 offer, but only on Barry M - annoyingly it was extended to the whole store only the day after - I went in again to pick up something and was quite annoyed. 
I picked up 2 nail varnishes after much deliberation and swatch stick comparisons, but the third item I really could not decide on. However in the end I went with a lipstick, but more on that later.
The two colours I picked out were Pearl Lady and Passion Fruit. 

This is what Pearl Lady looked like on me, however I don't think my photos really show how beautiful it is, the glitters in it make this a really nice textured polish. 
I do have a few complaints about this polish however.. for one, the polish wasn't opaque at all, I put three layers of the polish on (having to wait each time as I wanted the maximum amount of texture) but you could still see my tips quite clearly underneath. If I was to use this again I guess I would have to use a white undercoat but it was a bit disappointing. 
My other complaint is that I didn't actually find this to be that textured, I mean sure I could definitely feel the texture when I ran my finger over it, but compared to my other Barry M texture (Kingsland Road) it was nowhere near as textured. Shame really, but the polish is super pretty and the glitters really add to it.

Now for something completely different - lipstick. I have worn lipstick before, but only some I have "adopted" from my mums stash, and I have never bought a lipstick for myself before, neither had someone buy one for me. However as it was 3 for 2 anyway, I thought I may as well try one. 
I bought number 53 - their coral colour as it looked really pretty. I have to say I really like the polish packaging, I really like the mix of the matte black and the shiny black together. 
My lips.. yeah.. I thought I may as well do a lipstick swatch while i'm at it. The top one is my normal lip colour and the second is with the lipstick applied. I put on a base of Lip salve before I put the lipstick on as if not I have quite dry lips. 
Even with the base however I still found that the lipstick decided to clump together in the creases of my lips as you can see in the photo - this may be due to application, as i've stated I am not experienced at all with lipsticks so have no idea.
The colour is really pretty, just the summer coral I was looking for and although I dampen the colour down slightly to suit my skin tone, it is just what I was looking for so i'm really happy.

Hope you didn't mind such an obscure post! Should be back to normal with more Nail Art next week.