Saturday, 15 March 2014

I've hit 1,000 views / Crazy Chemistry Colours

Hey guys,

I know I only posted yesterday, but I was just checking the comments on my blog when I realised.. my view counter has finally hit 1,000 views!!
I know this isn't loads, but this is a big deal to me as its a big milestone in numbers, and I didn't start this straightaway when I created my blog so I have likely had more than this anyway.
Then again, the actual blogger view count says that I have had 2,204 pageviews, but according to others this isn't particularly accurate..

I also reached 20 followers on Bloglovin on March 11th which is quite exciting! I hadn't had a chance to share this yet but this post seems like the perfect time!

Anyway, to celebrate I thought I would share some photos I took in class the other day, they're not nail related at all, but I loved the pretty colours we made. Incase you don't know, i'm currently studying A2 chemistry as one of my options and although these were pretty all of them had toxic symbols on at the very least. Nasty.

All of the different ones we made in the actual experiment.

A close up of one of the Test tube racks - look at all the amazing layers! If you're wondering why some have bungs in the top and the others don't - the ones with bungs had an ammonia compound in - this stuff absolutely stinks and makes you cough like mad. I can't really describe it if you haven't encountered it before other than to say it feels like you have something blocking your nose when you breathe it in, its horrid!

 This one was most definitely my favourite though, I mixed number 6 and 10 in the photo above to make this.

If you're interested in knowing what the actual compounds were that I used to make these, simply just send a comment saying which ones and i'll find my chemistry notes and let you know! Sorry this is so random but I wanted something different to celebrate the milestone and I thought this was definitely something different - but then again who couldn't love all those crazy colours!


  1. Well done Alice, you should of course celebrate 1,000 page views! I'm sure your numbers will continue to climb :) Thats really fun to see non-related photo's too, I liked seeing these colours. I've not spent time in a lab in YEARS so I wouldn't know what to comment on with the science stuff but I do love the colours, looks like great inspiration for nail art! :) xx

  2. Congratiolations!!!
    Your blog looks really beautiful, I'm a new reader,
    And I'm looking forward to read all of your posts in 2014!!

    I'm now following your blog dear!
    Xx julia