Saturday, 8 March 2014

Haul Post / Barry M Pearl Lady

Hey guys,

So today I have a minature Haul post for you along with some swatches of one of the polishes I picked up. I did this a couple weeks ago but haven't had time to post it until now sorry.

First of all though, when I went up to the Barry M stand in my boots I was met with a crazy sight. Swatch sticks of every colour but their new Silk paints - they were only officially released the day after I went (yeah.. I did go a long while ago now!)
However, this is such a genius idea, why can't all brands do this? They were all labelled with a handwritten piece of paper stuck on with tape so it seemed to be handmade rather than something Barry M had brought out themselves. Does anyone else have this or was this just a random thing my Boots store seems to have?

When I went in Boots had a 3 for 2 offer, but only on Barry M - annoyingly it was extended to the whole store only the day after - I went in again to pick up something and was quite annoyed. 
I picked up 2 nail varnishes after much deliberation and swatch stick comparisons, but the third item I really could not decide on. However in the end I went with a lipstick, but more on that later.
The two colours I picked out were Pearl Lady and Passion Fruit. 

This is what Pearl Lady looked like on me, however I don't think my photos really show how beautiful it is, the glitters in it make this a really nice textured polish. 
I do have a few complaints about this polish however.. for one, the polish wasn't opaque at all, I put three layers of the polish on (having to wait each time as I wanted the maximum amount of texture) but you could still see my tips quite clearly underneath. If I was to use this again I guess I would have to use a white undercoat but it was a bit disappointing. 
My other complaint is that I didn't actually find this to be that textured, I mean sure I could definitely feel the texture when I ran my finger over it, but compared to my other Barry M texture (Kingsland Road) it was nowhere near as textured. Shame really, but the polish is super pretty and the glitters really add to it.

Now for something completely different - lipstick. I have worn lipstick before, but only some I have "adopted" from my mums stash, and I have never bought a lipstick for myself before, neither had someone buy one for me. However as it was 3 for 2 anyway, I thought I may as well try one. 
I bought number 53 - their coral colour as it looked really pretty. I have to say I really like the polish packaging, I really like the mix of the matte black and the shiny black together. 
My lips.. yeah.. I thought I may as well do a lipstick swatch while i'm at it. The top one is my normal lip colour and the second is with the lipstick applied. I put on a base of Lip salve before I put the lipstick on as if not I have quite dry lips. 
Even with the base however I still found that the lipstick decided to clump together in the creases of my lips as you can see in the photo - this may be due to application, as i've stated I am not experienced at all with lipsticks so have no idea.
The colour is really pretty, just the summer coral I was looking for and although I dampen the colour down slightly to suit my skin tone, it is just what I was looking for so i'm really happy.

Hope you didn't mind such an obscure post! Should be back to normal with more Nail Art next week. 


  1. Great haul :) I picked up Lady last time I was visiting my family in England and it is such a pretty polish, doesn't it remind you of snow? :D I also like the lipstick too, its subtle and very classy! Have you tried their lipstick sticks? I'm such a noob with lipstick hehe :) Hope you had a great weekend! xx

    1. No.. I'm not even sure what lipstick sticks are! I am also a 'noob' with lipstick I guess!
      It definitely reminds me of snow! I'm glad you managed to pick one up when you were over in England! xx