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Well I would just like to say hi to you all and of course welcome to my blog! As the title suggests, I am definitely a Nail Art Newbie, but Nail Art could almost be classed as a hobby for me and after seeing so many beautiful and inspiring Nail Blogs I thought that it might be a good idea to start one of my own.

So, a bit about me, i'm English I still live in the UK and i'm currently in my late teens.
My room is nearly always neat, apart from my sofa which is always covered in books of some sort, i'm quite creative although did not really take that creative subjects for my GCSE's or my A levels.
I hate cleaning up my nails, this may sound odd because i'm a neat person, everything has to be in its place, but getting the nail polish remover and going round my nails is just simply a chore for me, so if you see some not very neat cuticles.. i'm sorry! I'm trying to get better, but usually i'm painting my nails late night when i've finally got all my work done as a treat for myself, and as they usually take hours (i'm not afraid to attempt a complicated design, even with my limited tools and experience), and after this I just want to go to bed so take a quick snap on my mobile and its off to bed for me.
My biggest inspiration for Nail Art (other than Google, I tend to just search for things I feel like doing in the rather helpful Blog search) would be;
- Chalkboard Nails, I simply love this blog to pieces, i'm sure you would have heard of this blog, i'm sure that it is the most famous Nail blog out there, if not.. GO THERE NOW!
- The Nailasaurus, not only the most original and crazily named blog, but it is also a British blog, and for this I love it.
- 10 blank canvases, this person has some very original ideas and always manages to pull them off amazingly, once again this is definitely a Nail Blog to check out.
- Copy That, Copy Cat, a very cute blog with some very cute nails, many of these I would love to try but simply don't have the skills or the colours shamefully.
- One Nail To Rule Them All, another blog I love, the nails on this are so cute and so unique in many cases that I just love them. Most of the nails on here have much smaller details than some of the others, but she also suggests using things like using a gel pen for details.
- Pixie Polish, not technically a blog but a Nail Art tutorial you tube channel, this is what started getting me interested more into nails and her tutorials are very easy to follow and often just use cocktail sticks with paint for the details.

I thought I would start my first ever blog by going through the Nails that I have done since the start of 2013. This may be quite a long post however so i'm sorry if it is!

So, here's a collage of the designs I have done so far in 2013. All of these bar 2 were done with inspiration straight from another set of nails.

The first Nail Art I did in 2013, this was actually done on the 7th January. Galaxy Nails are quite popular among Nail Bloggers, i'm sure that you've probably seen several versions before, but I had never done any and so therefore felt I would have a go. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly which blog I ended up using to get the inspiration, but the effect was done using my usual method of ripping off a piece of make up sponge, grabbing it with tweezers and dipping it into a piece of polish and dabbing it on.
Varnishes used:
Black - Rimmel I ❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab
Pink - Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry - 5 Siren
Blue - Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry - 23 Show Off
White - Sally Hansen - Natural White 1

The second piece of Nail Art I did in 2013 was based on a video by Pixie Polish, I did this on the 18th January. I used Pixie's method of putting tape over, painted over and then pulled the tape off quickly, for more detail I would just advise watching the video from the link. For the tape I just used cheap sellotape as it didn't stick to the layer under so was easy to peel off. I was very impressed how this turned out and it was definitely something different!
Varnishes used:
Black - Rimmel I ❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab
Red - SHENGJI Nail Polish - 18
This was another piece of Nail Art I did, this one was done on the 3rd February and was again based on a video by Pixie Polish, well actually this one is a complete copy or rather attempt of the video,  but I think it turned out quite well.
Varnishes used:
Pink - Rimmel 60 seconds - 405 Rose Libertine
White - Sally Hansen - Natural White 1
This was my first ever piece of improvised Nail Art and was done because I was going to India on a school trip and wanted to have something different. I was originally going to do Lotus Flowers on my nails but ended up doing them for a friend on their nails so had to come up with a new plan, and this is what I ended up with, some cute little Paisley nails! I was really happy with how these turned out and they looked quite good even though they're relatively simple.
Varnishes used:
Green - Barry M - 299 Racing Green
Blue - Barry M - 306 Blueberry I/C
These were the next nails I did and was basically because I had just bought my first ever Glitter polishes and wanted to try one out, but without having a party to go to I felt inspired after seeing this post by Chalkboard Nails to do a Glitter Gradient, this was the result. I was very happy with this, the only problem was trying to get the glitter off after!
Varnishes used:
Shiny Cream (Not sure what to call it) - Spectaculary - 122 Whisper
Purple Glitter - Barry M - 336 Magenta Glitter
These nails are most definitely different, I somehow stumbled across this blog and found this post on it, I instantly fell in love and had to try it myself, this was how it turned out! My favourite nail is definitely the one with the zip though, although I think it would look a bit dark if they were all like this.
Varnishes used -
Pink - Boots Natural Collection - Soft Strawberry
Black - Rimmel I ❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab
Silver - Babby Doll KDC 360 - 190
My super cute spring nails! I used a picture for inspiration but unfortunately I can't find it again now, and have no idea where I found it or what I searched to have it. I will also admit that the blue and the pink didn't go very well together, I don't have a purply-blue colour so thought this might work, it didn't but I stuck with it and overall I still find this very cute.
Varnishes used:
Blue - Barry M - 306 Blueberry I/C
Pink - Rimmel 60 seconds - 405 Rose Libertine
White - Sally Hansen - Natural White 1
Green - Babby Doll KDC 360 - 210

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