Saturday, 27 April 2013

Barry M Textured Polish Swatch - Kingsland Road

So, today I have another swatch for you! This time I have one of Barry M's textured polishes, TNP 3 Kingsland Road 308. This is definitely weird and although I have seen other people swatch this type of Nail Varnish before, to see it for myself is definitely a weird experience. Although the bottle looks completely pink, when you first paint on the polish it shows tiny pink dots inside it, as the polish dries these seem to almost expand until you get the textured final effect, by this time they are the same colour as the actual polish. Very weird to watch.


So here they are, this is again very hard to show, but you can see the bumps relatively well on here. The pink  is very light, almost a baby pink and I don't think it looks so nice against my hand colour at the moment as they are so white, however, in normal light it does make them look browner.
I actually put clear over my little finger, not really thinking and then panicked as the bumps all disappeared, they did thankfully come back, however not as many as there were to start with, because of this the others don't have a top coat and are therefore starting to chip already.

Overall, I quite like the polish, although it is a bit sand-papery and weird but I guess its something different to get used to, however I don't think i'll use this again for a while as you can't really do anything else with it apart from wear it on its own.

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