Friday, 19 April 2013

Models Own Beetlejuice - Purply Blue swatch

So this week I have been trying out my new Models' own polish! Overall i'm very impressed, when you get this in the light it is certainly very pretty and is an almost metallic colour which is usually brown or in the light purple, where the light hits the most, usually the top of your nail it is a dark blue colour. However, weirdly if you turn your nail away slightly away from you and away from the light it goes red. Sadly I could not get a photo of this as the polish was hard enough to get accurate pictures of anyway. My only problem with the polish - it chips really quickly. I can usually keep polish on for almost a week with only the tops slightly chipping, but with this one I have quite big gaps at the top and its only been a few days, slightly annoying.

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 My usual trusty camera phone completely mucked up the colour, however you can see the brown quite well in this photo.
  In this one you can see the blue quite well, this is actually from natural light, but only through my window and so not directly onto the nail.

This shows the polish in direct sunlight.
Finally the polish bottle, I put this photo in simply because it shows the red quite well that you can see sometimes, I couldn't get it to show up on my nails properly.

So that's it! My first ever swatch, I hope you liked it, I would love to hear from you, even if its criticism  i'm new so any feedback would be great so feel free to leave me a comment!


  1. not bad for a first timer! i love the third picture!

  2. Well done on your swatches :) I'm a HUGE model's own fan and I have to tell you I can't pick out just one favorite from this collection! The third picture shows the colour-shift really nicely :)

    1. Thank you for your compliments. It was so hard to pick just 1 shade.. I really need a bigger budget to be able to buy all of them, its my first ever Models' own polish and i'm in love already!