Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Butterfly Nails and Polish Haul

So, I have a real treat for you today, two post in one! I've decided that my regular blog day will be a Friday hopefully, and I will try to have a post a week, however as this is my first week I thought I would get 2 in so that everything is up to date.

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So, first of all, here are my Nails this week! Its getting more like summer weather so I thought I would paint something that I think of when I think of summer.. butterflies! After doing a quick search for 'Butterfly Nails' it soon came up with some really wing designs, however as everyone seems to have the same idea I thought I wouldn't tag any ones in particular. So now onto my attempt of the nails, I thought I would go with Monarch Butterfly colours and here they are:

Here are the pictures before putting the dots on and cleaning up my nails and after doing it. I felt that they actually went quite well, the bigger white dots achieved simply but cutting off the end of a cocktail stick so the point was a bit thicker and using that. 

I ended up using 5 polishes altogether for this, you can see them all in the picture below in the order I used them from the first being at the front to the last being at the back. I used the first 3 for the actual nail colour, painting on the pink normally and then dabbing the orange and then brown on with a piece of make up sponge in a gradient.
From front to back they are; No7 Stay Perfect - Sorbet, Babby Doll 360 - 146,195, Rimmel ❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab and finally Sally Hansen - Natural White 1. 

Now onto my Polish Haul! Shopping for Nail Varnish is always an exciting time for me, and as I got some money for Easter, I thought I may aswell take advantage of the 3 for 2 Boots offer and get myself some more polishes, in particular some more colours for summer as most of my polishes are darker. I also wanted to get my hands on some Models' own polish as well as some Holos. I haven't tried any of them yet, but can't wait to try them, you should see the results in later posts. 
So here they are! In the order they are in the photo I picked up: 
- Miss Sporty Metal Flip Nail Polish - Beetle Wings - £1.99. This was an extra polish I ended up getting simply because it was so cheap and the colour looked very cute, it actually shows it quite well in this photo.
- Models Own Beetlejuice Nail Polish - Purple Blue - £5.00. I was originally going to go for the Pinky Brown colour but unfortunately my local boots doesn't stock it so I picked up this one instead. I'm just happy to finally own a Models' own polish as they're quite expensive for my budget really!
- Barry M Textured Nail Effect TNP 3 Kingsland Road - £3.99. I've seen a few swatches of these and wanted to see what they're actually like. 
- Barry M Gel Effect Nail Polish - GNP 13 Papaya - £3.99. Once again I have seen a few people use Gel Nail Polishes and wanted to try one out for myself to see if they really are any better than normal nail paints. 
- Barry M Nail Paint - 304 Mint Green - £2.99.
- Barry M Nail Paint - 308 Berry I/C - £2.99.
For these two I simply picked them up because they're summery colours and ones that I didn't own before.
- Rimmel Lycra Pro - Matte Finish - £4.59. I've seen a few people painting nails and then putting a Matte coat over the top and thought I would see what its like myself. 

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