Friday, 28 June 2013

Formal Floral Nails

Hey guys, 

Today I have my favourite piece of Nail Art I have ever done! I called this 'formal floral nails' as I believe the design is a little more formal and almost more grown-up than you see sometimes, let me know if you think the name fits! Before I say any more I think I shall just show it to you!  
 Like it? I certainly do, for a step by step guide to what I did, see after the break...
So, to start i'm going to admit that I did not come up with this design myself, I actually based it on the design here. I simply changed the colours.

So, now for the step-by-step.
The first layer I put on was Barry M308 Berry. As I believe I have mentioned before, this is quite a thin polish so it needed quite a few layers before it would become opaque. Quite dissapointing and is the only one in my Barry M collection like it. You can see this in the first photo.
Then as you can see in the next photo I then put on a shiny layer, this is Rimmel 
Lycra Pro - 285 White Orchid. This leaves quite a streaky finish but left the design a lot shinier and a nicer finish in my opinion.
Finally, I put on the black details using Rimmel ❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab.

So these are my two finished hands! As you can see, my left hand is once again neater than the right. However, considering I once again only used a cocktail stick for my work, I am actually really proud of this and like I said, its my favourite yet!

Note: After I did these, I didn't have much time on my hands and so these stayed on for quite a while, almost 2 weeks, and yet they had hardly chipped! I have no idea how they lasted so long, I know I didn't do anything different to usual, but I was very impressed!


  1. You did a really great job, I really do admire your use of cocktail sticks! I love the pattern and the color is beautiful!