Saturday, 1 June 2013


(Sorry it's late)

Hi Guys, this week I have had on a simple Gradient manicure, my first ever one i'm actually proud of would you believe!

Left hand and right hand shots, as you can probably tell I am right handed and this is why the left hand is so much neater than the right, and the photo is a lot less awkward!

All done with Sally Hansen polishes, haul comming soon!

The three polishes I used were:
- White base coat: Sally Hansen - Ion
- Blue middle: Sally Hansen - Gray by Gray
- Greeny-blue bottom: Sally Hansen - Fairy Teal

I have to say that I love the Ion colour which I can only describe as an 'Off-White' as its such a good base colour and is so easy to use as it comes in such a big 14.7ml bottle with a lovely big brush and just the right consistency. However, it is usually a little streaky on the first coat so does need two.
The gray by gray colour I actually don't like that much, it's a little bit of a boring blue colour and its actually not that nice in my opinion. I bought this online (see previous haul post) and I actually don't like it as much as I did when I saw it online.
Fairy Teal is a beautiful greeny-blue colour which is simply gorgeous, I would wear this on its own, but its a little dark to be a summery colour at the moment, prepare yourself Autumn, this is going to come out a lot!

Hope you like the post, feel free to comment or suggest anything you think I should attempt. Like I said, haul post comming soon!


  1. Well done on your first gradient! I think you did a great job. I remember my first gradient being soo messy! I'm looking forward to seeing your haul post! Your making me want to try Sally Hansen even more!

    1. Sadly its not the first I ever done, just the first one i've ever been proud of, all the others have been very messy and not much of a gradient really!
      Go for it! Sally Hansen brushes are big and if you can pick the bottles up for a good price then they are well worth getting, especially for how big they are!