Friday, 14 June 2013

Gold and Green

Hey guys,

You may have seen recently that I managed to pick up a Gold Sally Hansen polish in Poundland, well naturally I wanted to try it out and that's where these nails come in!

I found a really cool idea of using a bit of Cling Foil or a scrunched up sandwich bag to make a cool effect with polish, and naturally it was already with Gold Polish, you can find the tutorial here. I had never seen this before, but since I found this post I've kept an eye on the tutorials section and they actually do some really cool nails, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

So, now onto the pictures...

The two polishes I used for this were:
- Barry M - 304 Mint Green
- Sally Hansen - 310 Gilty Pleasure

I really like the effect the cling film I used produced, and the gold definitely adds something to the Bright Green for Summer in my opinion! I also (shock horror) managed to clean up my nails properly for once!

Let me know what you think of the Nails, do the green and gold go together and do you also like the effect or not? I would also love to know if you try the cling film effect!


  1. I tried the cling film effect quite some time ago, I agree its a great look and so easy to do but ends with beautiful results! I think green and gold are beautiful together! You did a great job and welldone with the clean up after! xx

    1. Thanks such a lot for the comment! I agree, the cling film effect is so easy but so great to do, i'll definitely be using it again xx