Friday, 21 February 2014

Different hand poses for showing off Nail Art

Hey guys,

So to try and get a proper variety of different hand poses, I thought that instead of just looking at the blogs I follow, that I would just search for a specific nail varnish colour into Google and see what came up. In the end I decided on a Nail Varnish colour I really want at the moment - Zoya Chyna.
I had a bit of a problem trying to get the camera to focus, I decided to try and use the DSLR instead of my usual phone camera/point and shoot, and couldn't get it do do quite what I wanted it too, or even take the photo most of the time - slightly annoying!
All of the inspiration photos are not my own, so i've linked back to their original post if you click on their photo.

First of all the thumb on the bottle shot. I think this one looks pretty nice, but I think I would also have to take another one showing the thumb as often I also want to show this. 

One that wasn't meant to be round the bottle but I found it easier to line up my fingers like this, the original photo was actually landscape rather than portrait but I flipped it so that it would fit with mine better. I don't think I cropped mine very well, and also this position was actually quite awkward for me as on my left hand my little finger doesn't seem to like placing itself with the other fingers, therefore although I think it looks nice, I don't think I will use it. 

I know my version is out of focus, I mentioned I had camera problems earlier. I'm not sure about this shot, it was a little awkward once again and unless if I can sort out my camera being able to sort out this kind of shot. Its quite a nice shot though, other than my misbehaving little finger which I can never get to do what I want it too and always moves out of place.

So once again the inspiration shot is much cuter and better framed and lit and actually in focus. However I didn't actually mind this shot, other than my little finger looking odd and not fitting in with the others again. and once again you can't really see the thumb very well.

And finally, my classic 'claw' hand shape, but with the fingers closer together than I would usually have them. I have no idea why the colour looks so different in this one, I think the light must have just been odd or something. This is the only pose I found which shows the thumb, but I don't actually think it looks that professional but it is by far the quickest and easiest to do for me therefore you will probably still see it, but I hope to include some others when I do have time and am proud enough of a design to want to showcase it that bit more.

Two final notes, the first is this shot of a hand that I would literally describe as 'perfect' to me the black background shows the nails up perfectly, the light is completely perfect and I just love this. This is how I would love my photos to look.
I love how little silver glitters show up, and how only the front of the hand is in focus with the rest not. It might just be my personal opinion but I really do love this photo. I believe the photo actually comes from Zoya's own press release which explains why its so good, but I link back to the page I found it.

The final note is to myself mainly, but I really need to start naming my photos after what they are showing, as nearly all the ones I found had titles which related to what they were showing as shown in the photo below. This will help as it will probably help my photos to appear higher up in search engine listings which will hopefully get more hits on my blog. The only two that didn't have names relating were on Flickr and therefore had a title that related to what they were anyway, and I would assume Flickr has higher search engine listings anyway possibly.

Thanks for reading, maybe this helped you too, I will definitely try to put more of these poses into regular use hopefully!


  1. i love the last pose, its one i have never really seen much of before! its always nice to switch up hand poses from time to time :D

    1. Yeah me neither! I think it is nice to switch up hand poses, its something i'll definitely try to do now that i've seen what other people have done!