Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Sweater Nails

Hey guys,

Okay.. it may not even be quite December yet, but when I saw this design I couldn't resist trying to recreate it for myself. Incase you hadn't realised from the photo, the design is actually a stamp, a stamp which I don't have. So, the difficult bit was trying to work out how to draw this with a cocktail stick. However, despite having to redo my first nail - it went really well!

Okay.. these photos I didn't clean round my nails very well, but there's a reason I haven't posted nails since I have. I originally put gold with the red glitter, however I didn't really like the colour combination and so decided to change it. However, the only silver I have is really really old, its actually taken out of my mums stash and is so old its even made in the UK! It was a bit seperated but once I shook it around it looked fine, it also applied fine.. the polish just would not dry though! In the end I had to go to bed with still slightly not so dry nails, and when I woke up they had smudged a little bit and just looked really really messy. 
This is what it looked like with the gold. It looks alright here but in real life, the gold just looked odd.

I'm not sure why on my right hand the silver looks really gold, i'm guessing my camera flash just caught it in an odd way.
But anyway, i'm so happy with how these turned out! Considering the original I based the design on was a stamp, I think I managed to replicate it pretty well! Even if I did have to miss out the zig-zag line on my right hand due to the flower being bigger and less neat.

Do you think its too early for christmas nails or are you just too in love with this design (like me) to care?
Let me know what you think and see you next week! :)


  1. These look super cute -- it's never too early for Christmas nails! I like it with the silver :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you don't think its too early! :)

  2. This is INCREDIBLE! Well done Alice, I say this because I KNOW what stamp you tried to create and that says alot! It looks amazing, I could not create the stamp design like that, you have a real talent in freehand nail art :) xx

    1. Thank you for such the big comment again! :D xx
      I'm glad you can see which stamp i'm trying to replicate! :)
      Its funny that i'm good at freehand nail art because I have no artistic skills on a piece of paper, I can doodle - badly, but that's it! xx

  3. This looks great! I agree with Ithi, I know what stamp you're talking about too just by looking at your freehand! Great work indeed, but sad that the silver polish never dried and smudged, I hate when that happens. Have you got Seche Vite as top coat? If not I really recommend it, it dries even the most thick and otherwise never drying polishes. ^^