Friday, 2 August 2013

Trying out one of the Nail Art pens

Hey guys,

As I posted last week, recently I picked up some Nail Art pens to try. As soon as I brought them home I wanted to try them out and here is the look I ended up with!

I was just messing about and wasn't really aiming for anything in particular, however with the glitter on the 4th finger it reminds me a little of a look from Sammy (The Nailasaurus). 

I'm actually quite impressed by how much easier it is to use these than my trusty cocktail sticks. However, due to the lack of colours I have with these, you have definitely not seen the end of my cocktail stick designs.
Infact, there's quite a lot of polish in these, so much I don't think I will actually manage to finish it for a while. The polish inside also seems to be a lot more runny than you would usually find polish which means if I put my own colour inside it may clog it up.

The colours used in this were:
- Barry M - 273 Raspberry (Main Burgundy colour)
- Barry M - 349 Rose Quartz Glitter (Glitter on 4th Nail)
- Paperchase Nail Art Pen in silver

Anyway, all that said, I hope you like my look with them!

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