Friday, 16 August 2013

Pastel Houndstooth Nails

Hey guys,

So I recently found a tutorial on how to draw the houndstooth pattern and wanted to try it for myself. If you want to see the tutorial you can find it here.

This was the result! I decided to do it in a skittle colour scheme rather than sticking to 3 colours, and once again the cocktail stick was back. Although I like the pattern, I don't think I did it the neatest ever, but I still think its cute.
The colours I used for this were:
- Rimmel I ♥ lasting finish - 280 Sunshine (Yellow)
- Barry M Jelly - GNP 13 Papaya (Pink)
- Barry M - 308 Berry I/C (Purple)
- Barry M - 306 Blueberry I/C (Blue)
- Barry M - 304 Mint Green
- Sinful Colours - Snow Me White (White)

Let me know what you think of my design and whether you want to try it out yourself!


  1. Whoa, that looks amazing -- it must've taken you a long time! I love the skittle look :)

    1. Thank you! Actually the design is fairly simple to do so didn't actually take that long, at least not compared to some other designs i've done before :)