Friday, 26 July 2013


Hey guys,

So, with my exchange we took the train down to Cambridge for the day. She took a long time in Boots looking at make-up, and guess whats right next to the make-up.. Nail Varnish. Cue spending on things I didn't really need. Oopsie.

But anyway, I had a few other things i've picked up that I wanted to show you anyway, hopefully posts trying them out soon!

Firstly, the polishes...
From left to right these are:
  • Rimmel Cocktail colour - 140 Hawaiian Punch
  • Barry M - 349 Rose Quartz Glitter
  • Barry M - 273 Raspberry
  • Seventeen - Off the wall graffiti nail effects - Bluetone

Now for some nail decoration things. I actually got these from Poundland but have since seen some of these butterflies in smaller more expensive packs in Topshop such as this. It contains exactly the same purple butterflies and is just the brand and shop that makes it different, definitely a bargain! Just gotta try them out now!

They each seem to come in 3 slightly different sizes as you can see here, I also put them next to a ruler just incase you wanted to see exactly how big they are.

Now, the next thing may come to regular followers of the blog as very different, but these were on offer in Paperchase of all places. But anyway I wanted to try something else other than cocktail sticks.
 Yes, its a little set of two Nail Art pens!
A pink and a silver, no I don't think I have enough pink obviously...
As you can see in the second picture, the pen is split into 3 sections, one with jewels in, one like a normal polish with a polish brush, and finally the pen piece on the top.
As you can also see in the second picture a little bit, I have actually tried out the pen - it was too tempting! The post about that will hopefully be comming soon!

So I hope you liked me updating you on my shopping! I certainly can't wait to show you what I get up to with these. 


  1. Lovely haul! I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to with these goodies! Polish retail therapy is the best :D Also that's amazing about finding the decorations in poundland, well done! Have a great weekend :)

  2. i have raspberry and rose quartz, theyre such lovely colours!