Friday, 13 June 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul!

Hey guys,

So today I have a few polishes to share with you! I haven't actually discovered them all myself yet.. but more on that later! They came in an absolutely huge box though!

This is the overall of all the polishes I have seen so far! As you can see I have 2 normal polishes, 1 magnetic and 2 glitters. The two main colours are 1 layer, all the rest are 2.

I mean look at this huge thing! Admittedly it was mostly bubble wrap, but it made it much more exciting having such a huge box to open!

So this is the main reason for the large package is this, and its also the reason I haven't seen all of the polishes yet. The idea is to open it like its meant to be opened - one per day. Its also hopefully something to look forward to during the rest of my exam period. The first polish is very cute though, I hope the rest of this is the same. I believe this is called 'Nordstorm Mini Mani Month'.

So here are the first two, my first ever Essie polishes! I have heard a lot about them and their really nice brushes. From trying them quickly just now they do seem really good!

I also don't have either a magnetic nail polish, or an orange nail polish - so clearly I needed to fill this gap in my collection!

These two are called Essie 'Fear and Desire' (Orange) and 'Snake Skin Repstyle - Lil Boa Peep'

Next, I bought this for the same reason as the ones before, I didn't have a silver nail polish in my collection so wanted to fill the gap.
This was the nicest one I could find on the website without spending more than I wanted to.

Its called 'Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish - 01'.

Next, this one I didn't really need so much, but again I didn't have a copper coloured glitter! As you can see on the lid this is Sally Hansen 'Copper Penny'. Its so pretty! Just sadly not anywhere near as dense as a gold Sally Hansen glitter I bought before.

And finally, two clear polishes, because the only top coat I have left at the moment is a really cheap polish my mum bought, and its really annoying as it doesn't dry very quickly at all, and it also loosens the other layers underneath it meaning if you knock it before its dry, you end up upsetting the whole nail.

I have had some Rimmel ones before and I really like the brushes on these ones as they are really wide.

So that's my haul for now! I'm sure there will be an update on the rest of the Ciate polishes, I know its a bit out of date now, and i'm sure there are the full set online already - but as its still available to buy I might as well do my own review!

See you after exams!

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