Friday, 20 September 2013

I finally bought some nail art tools!

Hey guys,

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently bought some nail art tools, both dotting tools and brushes, this post is simply showing the tools and not anything using them.
Sorry - i've been so busy lately I literally haven't had anything on my nails, I also was doing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award last week which is why I didn't post - again i'm very sorry- but i'm back this week, apologies for no nail art this time!

I bought this set for £12.75 on Amazon with free delivery, it came really quick, I was definitely impressed.
All the brushes come in this easy to wrap up case which has that horrid new plastic smell, but it came with it so its much easier to keep all the brushes in one place and make sure you have them all.

This is an image showing all the brushes in the case, as you can see all of them apart from the fan brushes and dotting tool have a plastic cover to keep the bristles together and there is also a plastic fold over piece at the top. The case simply fastens with two magnetic poppers.
Another image showing just the brushes (and one item which looks like the brushes but is actually more like a dotting tool), I've taken all the plastic bits off here and folded the covering bit over underneath.

There are 15 brushes in total with 5 double sided dotting tools at the end.

An image of just the dotting tools to show you how large the dots are, they differ by quite a lot, although a few of the smaller ones seem to be exactly the same size by my eyesight so i'm not sure what to say.

Once again, sorry there are no actual nails this post, but I hope these interested you anyway!

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