Saturday, 21 December 2013

Messy Minions

Hey guys,

This week I felt like doing a design more cartoony and kiddish, and after looking around I stumbled upon a minion elf design - I couldn't resist. However sadly I was ill most of the week and so only actually got round to doing these last night, and even then I didn't really want to face the smell of nail polish - yes I must be very ill, can't believe I just said that - and so the nails are a little messy as I tried to get them over and done with quickly.

Minion Nails
I suppose at least you can hopefully tell they're minions. I might just take them off tonight anyway though and hope that I feel better for something in time for Christmas.

I wish all my readers a good holiday!


  1. I hope your feeling better! I had that once, the smell of polish made me feel so sick, weird! I love these and even though you were not feeling too well they came out lovely, they DO look like minions! Fingers crossed for you to be well by Christmas and if I don't comment before ~ Have a fantastic Christmas :) xx

    1. I'm glad they look like minions to you! Makes me feel slightly better about them being so messy haha :) xx