My Favourite Nail Blogs


On this page I will link to some of my favourite Nail Blogs! I follow and love quite a few more than these, but these are just my top ones that I would recommend above any others.

These are in alphabetical order:

  • 10 Blank Canvases - This person has some very original ideas and always manages to pull them off amazingly, this is definitely a Nail Blog to check out.
  • Chalkboard NailsI simply love this blog to pieces, i'm sure you would have heard of this blog, i'm sure that it is the most famous Nail blog out there, if not.. GO THERE NOW!
  • Copy That Copy Cat - A very cute blog with some very cute nails, many of these I would love to try but simply don't have the skills or the colours shamefully. She also intruigingly sometimes does posts which she entitles 'Then and Now' when she looks at an old post of her own and some Nail Art she did, does it again and compares the two.
  • Nailstories - Another British blog, this one has some designs using a variety of resources including Stamping Plates and Nail Wraps, she also does quite a few swatches of very pretty polishes.
  • One Nail To Rule Them Allanother blog I love, the nails on this are so cute and so unique in many cases that I just love them. Most of the nails on here have much smaller details than some of the others, but she also suggests using things like using a gel pen for details.
  • PishPosh and Polish - Once again very, very cute nails, many of these done very simply, check her out!
  • Polished Criminals - A qualified Nail Art Technician this blogger definitely knows her stuff, she seems to spend a lot on Nail Polishes and often posts swatches of polishes.
  • The Nailasaurus - Not only the most original and crazily named blog, but it is also a British blog, and for this I love it.
  • Valiantly Varnished - This person again has some very cute nails, she seems to be able to do and cover every single part of Nail Art from Gems and Studs to marbling to the old simple brush work.

Side Note: Sorry, I used the word 'cute' an awful lot in this, but hey, the nails are very cute!

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