My Collection

This page is simply to show you what polishes I currently own, it will be updated as I get new polishes, but at the moment as you can tell, my collection is relatively small.

First of all though, I thought I would show you where I keep my polishes, I have a drawer that I keep them in which I've separated using bits of card and which are separated by colour, I've marked on this picture so you can see clearer. However this is a bit of an old photo and I have increased my polishes since then if you're wondering why some below aren't on here.

Next here are the 'tools' I use to actually do my Nail Art, i'm not professional and everything I do is only for fun, so as you can tell, my tools are only just what i've found really, the palette and brush I believe were from an Airfix kit and the rest is just a make up sponge which I rip bits from for gradients, some tooth picks and another paint brush.

So, finally onto my polishes:

These Polishes I bought when I went to India, i've never heard of the brands so thought I would put them together. No I haven't used the purple that much, it leaked.
- Babby Doll KDC 360 - 146, 190, 195, 210, 212.
- Evetex Dazller - ML C/23.
- ADS Nail Luster - KD-C 1067.

My Barry M polishes, as you can tell I like my Barry M polishes and own quite a few, from left to right:
TNP 3 Kingsland Road, GNP 13 Papaya, 308 Berry I/C, 308 Blueberry I/C, 304 Mint Green, 299 Racing Green, 322 Nail Effects, 354 Amethst Glitter and 336 Magenta Glitter.

My Boots Polishes, admittedly the two glitter babes ones I have owned for quite a few years now and they don't really get used much (if at all), but I still have them so thought I would include them.
Boots Glitter Babes Nail Polishes: Pink Shimmer, confetti.
Boots Natural Collection: Soft Strawberry.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks polishes, someone bought me these quite a while ago, they're far too bright to wear on their own but for details over dark colours they're perfect.
I have 2 of the Fast Dry polishes: 5 Siren and 23 Show Off.

Miss Sporty polish, I liked the look of this one, unfortunately couldn't find any swatches online but for £1.99 I thought I would pick it up anyway, haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
I picked up the colour Beetle Wings.

I finally own a models' own polish! After looking at swatches online I was originally going to buy the 'Pinky Brown' colour, but unfortuately my local Boots didn't stock it so I thought I would take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and picked up 'Purple Blue'.

No 7 polishes, as you can tell I like the pink, however it did used to be my mums like the brown so I haven't used all of that up myself!
Here you can see the colours Iced Mocha 35 and Sorbet.

Here you can just see a few random polishes I own, most of these have come from my Mum so I don't know if they actually make them anymore which is why they're here. So, from left to right.
- Make up Super Finish Nail Hardener
- Funky Friends Nail Polish, unknown colour
- Spectacular - Whisper No. 122
- Final Coucn (I think) - Lilac Glow
(intriguingly these were apparently made in England)
- Technic Nail Polish - Unknown type
- Outdoor Girl - 75 Magenta Sunset
- Markwins International Nail Polishes - Unknown Colours

Rimmel London Polishes, another brand I have quite a few polishes from but if you look, most are just overcoats rather than actual polishes. From left to right:
- 60 seconds - 740 Clear
- Pro Super Wear - Ultra Shine Topcoat
- Lycra Pro - Matte Finish 
- Lycra Pro - 285 White Orchid
- Lycra Pro -307 Grape Sorbet
- Crack Your Colour Crazy Top Coat - 040 Heart Breaker
❤ lasting finish - 080 Black Cab
- 60 seconds - 405 Rose Libertine
- ❤ lasting finish - 280 Sunshine
- (Additional not included in photo) ❤ lasting finish - 193 Black Cherries

- Lycra Pro - 307 Grape Sorbet then 285 White Orchid

Ruby Polishes, I got these in a set and if i'm honest they're not the best polishes, the brushes are tiny which makes them very hard to apply. None of them have any colour information on either, sorry. 

Sally Hansen, This is my only pure white so gets used quite a lot its name is simply Natural White 1.
I also have a few other colours now, a few picked up from Poundland and others from Fragrance Direct. From left to right:

- Maximum Growth Plus - 02 Base + Top Coat
- Complete Salon Manicure - Ion (A slightly off white)
- Complete Salon Manicure - 350 Gray by Gray
- Complete Salon Manicure - 450 Fairy Teal (Love this!)
- Complete Salon Manicure - 340 Black Platinum

- Complete Salon Manicure - 310 Gilty Pleasure (Yes it is spelt Gilty not Guilty)
- Complete Salon Manicure - Gilded Lily

Shengji polish, someone gave these to me, I have no idea where they got them from but they're quite pretty. The red polish has a No.18 sticker on the bottom but the pink one doesn't so I have no idea what that one is.

So that's my polish collection, I would say its probably bigger than most but smaller than some, hope you liked seeing them! 


  1. Beautiful collection, I like your Barry M selection! :)